"Who You Are" Feat. Datboi Ray Ray

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The song is about Jay Jones finally coming to grips with who he really is and embraces his evolving life journey. 

Levels Of Love: Live

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Enter into the world of "Levels of Love: Live" featuring Jay Jones and The Love Jones Experience where you will embark upon an impeccable musical journey. In this sequel to "Jay's Love Jones: Based on a True Story," Jay Jones delivers powerful, emotion packed songs that crosses various music genres including Country, Jazz, R&B, and a splash of Funk. Each record on this new album presents a unique and individualized sound, creating a dynamic masterpiece. Be blown away by the high energy that "Levels of Love: Live" has to offer.

Code Blue: Live Feat. Yellow

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Jay Jones and his band "The Love Jones Experience" will be releasing a single titled "Code Blue" off of the sophomore live album Levels of Love : Live. It's a story about musicians/artists feeling depressed about there artistry not reaching peers in the industry until the love of music resuscitates them back to life.

Jerrica Graham-"Essence Of Love"

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The soulful, captivating song speaks a truth about the giving of love and the reciprocation required to acheive it. Love is a verb... Produced By: Jay Jones

Jay's Love Jones Based on a True Story

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Everyone is looking to fall in love these days! Jay's Love Jones is presenting love on a silver platter. Released April 16, 2013, this is Jay Jones debut album which features sound notes from Smooth Jazz, R&B, Funk and Contemporary Gospel. Well-known local and national artists featured on the track entitled "Showin Love" include Todrick Hunter, Josh Esther, Jamaal Andrews, Sharay Reed and Dwayne "DW" Wright.

Jay Jones is a solo artist. He has glided the neck of the bass guitar for over 15 years and is now stepping out with his own project. An EP release concert took place April 14, 2013 at PAX MIAMI with additional shows planned for 2013. Jay describes this project as a pot of musical is comfort food with many components to appeal to everyone. Due to the diverse sound Jay has created it is the ideal album to review. The EP release concert further heightened the "flavors" of this gumbo! Jay put together a 12-piece band that included 2 drummers, a 3-piece horn section, keyboard player, bass, guitar, percussionist and 3 vocalists which produced an authentic sound using live instrumentation.

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